Stage show & Magic

Stage and Creative Pack (price on request). 

Custom creation of an animation that perfectly matches your event. To cut a long story short, everything is possible ...

  • On stage
  • Car appearance
  • High tech
  • Gifts giving
  • Entertainer
  • Magic in a Limousine
  • Magic stand/stall
  • Scenic ipad
  • Creating applications
  • Marketing buzz
  • Training
  • Conference
  • New Technology
  • Promotional video

All these performances may be combined with the close-up and / or the iPad.

Free estimate


In line with your marketing team, we customise large-scale magic effects specifically tailored for your event, brand, or company. Our presentations magically roots your message or product in the minds of your audience.

This is achieved by combining high-impact magic with technology, such as a widescreen monitor and iPads. The ultimate icebreaker, guaranteed to create a buzz among your employees, guests or clients for weeks to come.

Wouldn’t it be great to kick-off a company event with a technologically advanced magic trick showing off the strengths of your business?

Take a travel agency, for example. The magician, holding an envelope, asks the audience to design a holiday; the destination, the duration, even the hotel! The magician then reveals his prediction. Sealed inside the envelope is a plane ticket and hotel reservation, perfectly matching the trip the audience just invented! A shorter trick is also possible, for example, having your product, MC, guest or presenter magically appear on the stage. We can go as far as having your brand new car appear from thin air, or levitating your CEO or VIP metres off the ground. Imagination is the only limit. 

Our use of technology separates our service from any other; of course, a promotional trick can be created without the gadgets if this is more suited to your event.

Not looking to communicate a message? No problems - with or without technology our shows can stand on their own as a key feature at your event.

These live performances are suitable for audiences ranging from a few people, to a few thousand. They are ideal for product launches, award ceremonies, inaugurations, open houses, receptions and press conferences.

The scenic performances we offer are available for almost any type of event and enable you to communicate directly, while surprising your customers/audiences.