Digital hostesses & Magic

Magical hostesses for a new kind of welcoming

  • feminine
  • novel
  • elegance
  • magic
  • digital
  • fun
  • chic
  • Customisable


O er a di erent and charming welcoming with our “digital hostesses”. Imagine a hostess welcoming your guests and making light appear at the top of her ngers. She then magically throws the are on the screen of an iPad, outlining the logo of your company as well as an arrow pointing the direction your client should follow.

It is also possible to provide a magical distribution of merchandising. Rather than classically distribute one of your products, we could imagine the hostesses making it directly appear from the iPad. For example, your new drink could be seen on the screen. The hostess would then drive her hand over the screen, and this drink would literally materialize itself giving your future customer the opportunity to taste it.

Unlike a “digital magician” who, thanks to his long experience, o ers a real show around your product along with a speci c script, our hostesses are sticking to the welcoming or the distribution of products 2.0 to increase their impact.

These hostesses will bring charm, femininity and an innovative aspect to your exhibition, open house or opening.